Estate Collection Candle - SWISS ALPS – CANDLE with 22-KARAT GOLD DECOR


Estate Collection Candle - Maison Blanc

This is a complex woody floral fragrance with a fruity peach top note. The main theme is jasmine flower combined with a strong sandalwood accord and a spicy clove note. The fragrance dries down to an amber musk character with  notes of patchouli, Edelweiss, Bellflower and tonka bean.


Top Note: Peach, Edelweiss, Bellflower
Mid Note: Jasmine, Sandalwood, Clove,
Burn time: 60 hours
Wax: soy blend
8.5 Oz Candle
Dimension: 3.5″ tall, 3″ wide
Cotton wick – Soy blend.
Handmade in California.
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