Mini Portable Face Steamer - Facial Mist Sprayer



Our Pink Cat Facial Mist Steamer gives a spa-like experience on the go. Micro-sized water particles penetrate the skin and deeply moisturise and soothe tired skin. Suitable for all types of skin and made to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

Directions: Open up the water chamber and add water. Please use mineral water rather than distilled water, toner, or liquid beauty products. Otherwise the opening may become blocked. 
Cover the opening, then hold the device close to your face, pushing the sliding switch to spray. We recommend holding the device around 5cm away from yourself at the start of your beauty routine, and 10cm or further away if you're using it after having applied makeup.

Facial misting is the perfect way to start your at-home facial regime. The mist opens up pores, enabling your products to be more effective.

WARNING: DO NOT USE while charging!
Don't use alcohol, detergent or other corrosive cleaners to clean the product. These are both bad for the product, and for your skin!

If the device doesn't spray immediately, it could be that the fog mouth is dirty or water is stuck. The best thing to do is to shake the device a few times then use a swab to clean the mist opening.
If only a little bit of mist is sprayed when you use the device, check and, if necessary, swap the batteries.


- Compact in size
- Portable 
- USB rechargeable 

Tank Volume: 12mL
Charging Time: 2 hours

The device will spray continuously for 120 seconds when activated, then the device will shut down.

Width: 120cm 

Net Weight: 62g
Input: DC5V+500mA
Power Supply: Lithium Battery